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How-to guide: Amarok playlist and gather data to migrate to a new computer


So you have your Amarok playlist and library established all if you want to and now you want to migrate everything to a new computer, but I don’t want to start from scratch? Read for instructions on how to take this task with ease.

In my example I had all my songs stored on an external hard drive that car-mounted as “disco”. I wanted to switch to a new computer and a new external drive that mounts as “OneTouch1” (Maxtor external drives). no matter where the music is and where you want to go (maybe you just want the disk is on a new computer to close), but anyway, like I did:

First off I linked the two drives on the computer that I wanted to save the current configuration.

Then I ran through a rsync command to transfer all of my music old external disks to the new:


Copy all my songs from disk OneTouch1/music/music.

So I need to get to current MySQL database, so I fired up webmin on localhost and a backup of the database “amarok” I had my DataSet stored in one thing is necessary for all lists and configuration settings in the application settings folder in your home directory in a hidden folder.you can take as follows:


Make sure that your user name and the new name of the car above replaces.

We must now ready to configure the new computer with settings from your old computer.the remaining steps assume the presence of Amarok installed and running.

Make sure the Amarok is closed and not running, and then connect the external drive.

Create a symbolic link to map all as formerly. in my case it was done this way:


The above is also needed if you want to use the same drive, but only if it is mounted on the new computer with a different name than on your old computer.

Now we want a blank database with the name amarok (or whatever it was his last db) make (I used webmin for ease of use) and create the same user ID and the credentials that were used in previous computer.

The next step is to open the root directory of the ctrl and press “h” to show hidden files and find.kde/share/apps and the name of the folder amorak amorak_old (only so that we can come back later if needed). copy the folder amorak, we had a backup of your old computer to an external drive to replace the folder that we just renamed.

After that is complete, we can open of Amarok and go to settings – > configure Amarok and go to the Gallery tab on the left. Verify that the correct folder is selected (using the symbolic link to select it) and also indicated the correct combination of user credentials and DB.

After the above is done, go to tools – > rescan collection. This may take some time, depending on the size of the collection, but when you complete you will see that everything so to speak on your old computer!

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