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How to install VMware Server on Gutsy Gibbon


So you want to make a VMware Server on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10? And you want to run without the graphical user interface (GUI)?

Well today you are in luck. VMware Server (free), connects graphic with managing a VMware Server, so it is not necessary to install a GUI in VMware Server and waste precious RAM.

Let’s get started.

First, I suppose you already have an installation of Gutsy Gibbon release server installed and set to a static IP address. so it is very easy.

We all have to do is run the following command to install the conditions before you start.

First, go to the root account:

sudo su


apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-‘ uname-r ‘ xinetd xorg-dev.

After it was installed we can pick up the installation file vmware.com:

wget http://vmware.com/whatever-the-current-release-url-is

Unpack the tar:

Tar xfz VMware-server-1.

Move the folder you just created:

CD vmware-server-scatter.

Then run the installation script:


Accept the default setting all the options (unless you have any reason), and you are returned to the command prompt, after the installation is complete.

At this point you can connect to the server via VMware console, by typing the IP address of your new login credentials and VMware Server.

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