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Ubuntu weekly newsletter # 211

Tue, 2010-04-07 12: 20 — akgraner

Welcome to the Ubuntu weekly newsletter.This is Issue # 211 for the week of September 12-september 18, 2009 and is available here.

This issue we cover:

Welcome new Ubuntu MembersWelcome new Ubuntu open Week, DevelopersUbuntu request instructorsUbuntu App Developer WeekArchive frozen to prepare ProcessesReflections community Ubuntu 10.10Fixing on Ubuntu, Canonical and March to free software adoptionAlternative UDS AccomodationUbuntu Cowntdown 10.10Ubuntu StatsLoCo NewsLaunchpad NewsUbuntu Forum UbuntuHelping NewsMy role in improving ruby on Debian and UbuntuUbuntu Server Guide RetrospectiveThis downloads in design – 17 september 2010In the pressin ‘ remove The BlogosphereCanonical launches preliminary Ubuntu Developer Summit tracksA canonical ControversyWhy Red Hat should fear Amazon LinuxBazaar team: want to work in the Bazaar? Canonical ISD: Ubuntu Pay is open for translationsUbuntu Hardware Summit in Taipei 11 days SecurityUWN a PeekAnd and EventsUpdates and awayFeatured PodcastsWeekly Ubuntu Development Team MeetingsUpcoming meetings and much much more

This issue of The Ubuntu weekly newsletter is brought to you by:

Amber GranerJ Scott GwinLiraz SiriJonathan Carter Daniel CalabAnd many other

If you have a story idea for the weekly newsletter, join the mailing list for Ubuntu news and submit it.ideas can also be added to the wiki!

Except as otherwise noted, the contents of this release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license 3.0 Licence Creative Commons BY SA

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