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FRAPS Recording.

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coins_add Donate Forums> URBAN TERROR DISCUSSION> General Urban Terror DiscussionPage 1 of 1You cannot start a new topicYou cannot reply to this topicRate Topic:-----#1User is offline   xlr8r Iconnewbie playerPassport:xlr8rJoined:05-October 10Posts:3Posted Yesterday, 09:02 PM

Hey there. A Couple of months ago, i used to record UT with Fraps at around 1280×700 or something. Because by lowering the resolution the whole video would record smoothly AND be played back perfectly. Now after a few months

when i wanted to record with fraps again, at the same resolution, it would record slowly, and the playback would lag horribly.

The thing is, that nothing in my computer changed. It stood the same as always. I have always had plenty of memory, Ram memory, I have a great graphics card, and my CPU is just fine.

And even if i lower the resolution to 800×600 or so… it still doesnt play or record any faster.

What do i need to do, for it to record and playback smoothly?

Thank You.
Back to top of the page up there ^Reply Icon MultiQuoteReply Icon Reply –> #2User is offline   nitro Iconnewbie playerPassport:nitroCountry:Joined:15-March 10Posts:69Posted Yesterday, 09:06 PM

why not just use the built in video recorder ?
Back to top of the page up there ^Reply Icon MultiQuoteReply Icon Reply –>#3User is offline   |it| Nexu Icon league admin  

newbie playerPassport:nexuMain tag:|it|Country:Joined:26-June 07Posts:3,631Posted Yesterday, 10:18 PM

View Postxlr8r, on 11 October 2010 – 09:02 PM, said:

What do i need to do, for it to record and playback smoothly?

You disks might have become more filled. The captures being stored on the slower part of your disk (the inner side of your disk) that can’t keep up OR your drive/partition/volume has become increasingly fragmented.

The internal video capturer is better than with FRAPS, as in: You can select either uncompressed or MJPEG compressed capturing. Also allowing you to capture at any resolution and frame rate.
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